In Day 17 of our epic family travel adventure we flew from Prague in Czech Republic to Geneva in Switzerland. Then we crossed the border by foot into France for our final destination. The sad fact about holidays is that every good holiday must come to an end eventually. And ours indeed nearing the final stages, we are going home.

How we did it

We left our lovely hotel in central Prague bright and early. Having heard how notorious the local cabs are for rip-offs, we hired an airport transfer through the hotel. It was a little expensive however the luxury of the new E-class Mercedes-Benz was thoroughly appreciated. Check out the GPS navigation on the video, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen! And the most comfortable car seat I’ve ever sat in.

Prague airport was surprisingly comfortable. Plenty of shopping and moderately priced food. Then our Swiss Airways plane arrived, the happiest plane we’ve ever been on. That is, if you judge it by the happy murals painted all over it! Check it out in the video, it’s a seriously happy colour scheme.

Geneva Airport

After landing we met our host RJ, then took a train, a tram and a bus to our destination. It was quite easy and not overly expensive, about 8 Swiss francs for a 24 hour ticket. After we arrived we walked across the border straight to our…. favorite French Brassiere shop. You can see it way back on our Day 6 VLOG. We’re nearly there now – we are going home!

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