Welcome to the Resources section of the Nice Right Now website. Here we provide links to products and services which we have tested ourselves. We rate them as TOTALLY AWESOME. We recommend each and every one of these to you, they will help you on your travel adventures.

First a quick disclosure. These are affiliate links, which mean that if you click on them we will earn a small commission. Clicking on them will have no effect on the price to you. You do not pay any extra for our small commission. We are providing these links because we truly believe that these are great products and stand by each and every one of them. You can even find each one featured in one or more of our blog posts.


We love Booking.com. We love it so much that we booked over 80% of our travel accommodation in 2016 using Booking.com. From finding a hotel just around the corner to thousands of miles away, this is our go-to app. We even booked a cruise ship on Halong Bay using Booking.com! We have found many fantastic bargains on this app, in fact up to 60% discounted rates! Also I love the apps on iPad and iPhone. They are so smooth and user friendly. You don’t even need to print out a voucher anymore, it’s right there on your phone! And the website is incredible. If you’re not using Booking.com you are probably missing some great bargains.



We also love Agoda.com for two reasons. Firstly they have a great Rewards Points Program, where you earn points for your bookings. You get these points from your very first booking and they’re worth about 5% of your room rate. You even earn extra points for submitting a review after your stay. When you make future bookings you have the options of using your Agoda Points instead of cash.


GetYourGuide is an amazing online tour booking site. We have used this for many tours and have enjoyed every one of them immensely. They are fast and easy to book, and they have competitive prices. And of course you get to read many reviews of each tour so you know what you’re in for.


There’s not much that you cannot buy on Amazon. We love this store and have used it on countless occasions. What I really love is how easy it is to find items that are difficult to find elsewhere.


Every time we book airfares we check SkyScanner.com first. That’s because it is a search engine for loads of different airlines, and it quite often discovers airlines or routes that we would not have considered otherwise. And then it takes you straight to the airline website to get the most competitive fares. Basically it’s a one-stop-shop for booking airline tickets.