In Day 19 of our epic family travel adventure it’s time to head from Europe to Vietnam. Back to work that is. Check out my short video to see what it’s like to travel through 5 countries in 2 days! This is actually my commute to work.

The trip

  • Leaving our host’s house, first I travelled by foot across the border from France into Switzerland. I must say, this is a bit of a novelty, especially with no customs or security.
  • Then 3 bus rides to Geneva International Airport.
  • Then a 5 hour flight to Doha, Qatar.
  • A 3 hour stopover until the next flight.
  • Then a 6 hour flight to Bangkok.
  • An overnight stop at a hotel near the airport.
  • Next day a 1.5 hour flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Signing out, for now

This is the last leg of this epic family travel adventure. I hope you enjoyed coming along with us! This is my first attempt at regular VLOG’ing, it started off a bit rough but I found a few improvements along the way. Hopefully by next holiday I can iron out a few of the bugs.

Technical stuff

We started off on the first few VLOGS using our GoPro Hero 5. It’s a superb camera for video quality, however the sound was terrible. If you watch our early videos you’ll hear some loud pops and cracks all through, caused by the microphone setup on the Go-Pro. I got sick of the horrible sound and decided to move to the iPhone.

After that all the videos were filmed on my iPhone 6 plus. Not only that they were produced on iMovie on the iPhone as well. Except for a couple which were produced on FilmoraGo (a great little free app). So they were 100% shot and produced iPhone videos. The only variation was the use of a cheap lapel microphone, a Boy Lavalier BY-M1. This made a huge difference to the audio quality, I hope you enjoy it!

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