Hi there! We are the Perry family and we are so happy that you visited our site!

Our happy family started back in 2005, when I took a job in East Africa to work on a large Gold Mine. It had long been my dream to work in Africa and to explore the far reaches of our amazing planet. Travelling through the Philippines in 2006 I met a beautiful young lady named Clarice. We soon fell for each other, and later that year Ramon and Clarice were married. The Philippines became our home and the birthplace for a new era of Perry family travel adventures.

After Clarc was born in 2007 he quickly became a seasoned traveller. Before his second birthday Clarc had travelled with his family throughout Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong and Australia. Then in 2009 we moved our home base to Australia and tried some different travel experiences. Alternating between camping and caravanning, we set about exploring a decent chunk of Australia. We kept this up until 2016, when the next chapter of our travelling life began.

In 2016 I took on a new overseas job in Vietnam, and the Perry’s decided to once again move back to the Philippines. This time we made the transition into home schooling, so that we could be truly location independent. This opened up a whole new world of travel opportunities, and since then we’ve added Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and USA to our travel experiences. We realised that there are many families out there who also have the travel bug, so we chose to start a travel blog to share some wonderful family travel destinations, experiences and tips. Our aim is to help families to make their holidays more memorable, and to help families build treasured memories together.

Get to know us better

The Dad – Ramon Perry

I am a Mechanical Engineer, part-time outdoors man and part-time geek. I grew up in country Victoria and spent a great deal of my time camping and fishing with my family, which is where the love for the outdoors came from. That love grew stronger when for 15 years I lived in remote parts of the Northern Territory of Australia. There I learnt that life was all about Barramundi fishing, four-wheel driving and camping. The remote areas were necessary since I began working in the mining industry in 1991. It is a fact of mining life that most workplaces will be remote, inhospitable places. Fine by me, I love those places! I went on to work in Tanzania, Laos, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

I’m a self-confessed geek because I have been professionally involved with computers since the 1980’s, which progressed into a passion for building online platforms such as blogs and websites.

I have come to realise that I have an extraordinary closet full of travel experiences which are too good not to share. I’m so happy to be able to host a travel and lifestyle blog, to start emptying out the travel closet. And hopefully inspire and help fellow travellers in the process.

The Mom – Clarice Perry

Clarice is the rock star of this family! You will often find Clarice belting out a tune with a Karaoke machine, or sometimes even in front of a live band. This comes from years of singing¬† in front of rock bands in the Philippines, and more recently in Australia. A registered Physiotherapist, Clarice has loads of other talents to bring to our travelling family. Champion ball room dancer, past president of a Jaycee Chapter, full-time English Teacher in Thailand, Talent trainer and Pageant Choreographer, Hosting events and shows. owning a Fashion Boutique in Philippines…. the list goes on. Perhaps more impressive than all that is Clarice’s latest achievement. We are so proud that our family has been blessed to have Clarice as full-time Mom to our son since 2006.

Most of us know that being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Since 2016 Clarice has had to make the transition to being a home schooling mom living in foreign countries. We say she’s adapted well to the new challenges and is still the best Mom and Wife we could wish for. Clarice is the glue that holds this travelling family together, and has a lot to offer to this blog in the way of travel and parenting advise in this challenging world of family travel.

The Son – Clarc Perry

Clarc has a distinguished career at the ripe old age of 10. Clarc is an experienced you tuber, movie producer, photographer and graphic designer. Clarc is also quite handy with a fishing rod and sure knows how to pitch a tent and start a camp fire. Blessed with the artistic abilities of his mom, Clarc is now starting to contribute as photo editor and graphical designer for our website.

When we are out on the road travelling, Clarc and his Dad often have photo competitions. And how do we pick the winner? We post them on our Instagram site and see who polls the most likes. So far we are about even, which is a testament to Clarc’s photographic prowess.

Which countries we stayed in 2017

Thailand 23%
USA 21%
Switzerland 13%
Philippines 11%
Germany 2%
France 2%
UK 0%
Hungary 0%
Austria 0%
Czech Republic 0%
Netherlands 0%
Denmark 0%
Sweden 0%
Belgium 0%
Luxembourg 0%

Which countries we stayed in 2016

Australia 43%
Thailand 31%
Philippines 17%
Japan 4%
Singapore 2%
Malaysia 2%
Brunei 1%