Bangkok is a great starting point for exploring South East Asia. Doha is a great starting point for exploring Europe. We take the 8 hour flight from Bangkok to Doha and find out just how easy this journey is.

Leaving Thailand Behind

I have been through Suvharnabhumi airport dozens of times due to my work in South East Asia. I can tell you that the transit time through security is very hit and miss. Sometimes you will get through in 20 minutes, other times it’s more like 90 minutes. On this occasion we were at the longer end of the spectrum, with our flight leaving at the busy 7-8am time slot.

We only just made our flight in Bangkok thanks to a 40 minute queue in the customs and immigration area. Then our gate was right at the far end of the airport, which is close to a 20 minute walk! We only just made our flight in time. But at least we didn’t have to wait in line at the gate!

The Qatar Airways Flight

Qatar Airways was voted the World’s Best Airline in 2017 by Skytrax! Their planes are immaculate, and their staff is amazing. The entertainment systems on board are second to none. The food is top class and the seats are comfortable enough. Absolutely no complaints from us regarding the flight.

One thing I will say about Qatar Airlines is their carry on baggage weight limits are SO STRICT. On some airlines we get away with carry on baggage weights far exceeding the 7kg limits. Thai Airways and Philippine Airlines are a couple that are fairly easy to get away with extra weight. But Qatar Airways do not let you exceed by a single gram. The weigh everything and do not allow any extra weight. We were thankful that we were very tedious with our pre-flight weighing and packing on this occasion, but still needed to do a little bit of re-organising at the counter.

Arriving in Doha.

We had a very comfortable trip, and I finally found my car in Qatar. A nice shiny black Ferrari. Yes there is some kind of car lottery on display in the grand foyer of the airport, right near the giant Lamp Bear. This is the main centre part of this huge modern airport, amid a vast range of duty free shops.

We found the 23 foot high “Lamp Bear” rather peculiar, and it left us scratching our head. Apparently it symbolises childhood memories, and somehow invites travellers to travel. We didn’t quite get that vibe, we just thought it was a little bit weird. Oh well, such is the way with travelling. It definitely expands you mind and exposes you to new experiences. The Lamp Bear in Doha Airport is definitely a new experience, and a pleasant way to jump into your next adventure.

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