In Day 15 of our epic family travel adventure we tour around the beautiful romantic city of Prague on foot. We were tempted to pay for a hop-on hop-off style bus tour. But we had done these in Budapest and Vienna and wanted to try something different. This time we chose to do our own foot tour, with some public transport thrown in to cover some of the longer distances.

We just love seeing Unesco World Heritage sites, and with a bit or research we learned of 2 in central Prague. And at the top of ou list was the historic old city centre. Second is Prague Castle. So our main strategy was to see both of these sites on our foot tour, and see what other sites could attract our attention along the way.

The Old Town Square

Our first stop was to see the famous Astronomical Clock. This is a special clock with dials and mechanisms to show astronomical information such as positions of the sun, moon, constellations and planets. It’s the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, and the oldest one still operating. It was built way back in the 15th century! Every hour there is a show, when a skeleton as the figure of death strikes the bell. Above this scary figure is a procession of the apostles and other figurines. We were lucky enough to see this show at 12:00, so we saw the maximum number of chimes.

The great thing about the Astronomical Clock is that it is located in the Prague Old Town Square. This is the World Heritage site we were wanting to see. We strolled around here for a while, taking in the old gothic and Baroque architecture of the medieval churches. This spare dates back to the 14th centre and still shows its medieval nature. We were also entertained by many street performers and some magnificent old statues.

Lost in Prague

After the town square we decided to get lost in Prague, just by wandering around looking for interesting buildings. And there were many, including some beautiful old churches. Prague is truly a photographer’s dream when it comes to photographing gothic, Baroque and Bohemian architecture. With the help of Google maps we were able to get lost and found again, whilst marvelling at many wonderful examples of Czech architecture.

Prague Castle

Later that day we took the trip to Prague Castle, yet another Unesco World Heritage site. This was a funny experience, as we had learnt that this dates back to the 8th centre. We were expecting an old medieval castle with stone walls. We actually walked right through the castle without realising it. Only after we looked for the castle on Google Maps did we realise we’d already walked through it! We went back for another look and discovered a huge, ornate castle, reminiscent of the palaces we had seen in Hungary and Austria.

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