Catching the Copenhagen to Malmo train is easy, and it’s a great way to see Sweden in a day trip. Denmark and Sweden are connected by the Oresund bridge, and in less than an hour you can be enjoying Swedish delights.

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Copenhagen to Malmo Train

Malmo Train Station is hip and well appointed

Alternatives to the Train


The bus is the cheapest option, and there are up to 15 buses travelling this route daily. Buses normally take 1 hour for the 28km journey making them a slower option than the train. The train is also a more convenient and efficient option.

The most popular is Flixbus. The GoEuro website is a useful site for comparing different fares.


Driving a car to Malmo is simply a matter of taking the E20 though the tunnel and across the Øresunds bridge. It will take minimum 45 minutes, probably best to allow 1 hour to allow for traffic. The cost is 50 Euros bridge toll per regular car per single trip, so it’s a rather expensive option. Up to date prices can be found on the Øresundsbron website.

Where to Buy Tickets for the Copenhagen to Malmo Train

The train is the fasted and most popular option. It only takes about 40 minutes to travel from Copenhagen Central Station (København H) to Malmo (Malmö C), or about 25 minutes from Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup Lufthavn) to Malmo (Malmö C).

To purchase tickets you have a few different options.

Copenhagen to Malmo Train

Copenhagen Central Station

DSB Website

Purchase online on the DSB website. This is a great option if you wish to avoid the hassle of figuring out the ticket machines at the train station.

Train Station Ticket Machine

Purchase at the train station ticket vending machine. Not our preferred option, as we found the DSB ticket machines quite difficult to figure out. At Copenhagen Central Station we used this option but called on the assistance of a Train Station Attendant, who helped us through the ticketing process. It was fairly easy but quite time consuming.

Note that we experienced 20 minute delays at Copenhagen Airport lining up for the DSB ticket machine.

Train Station Ticketing Office

Both Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen Central Station have ticketing offices, however you may lose some time lining up. We saw lines of typically 10-20 minutes at these ticketing offices.

Third Party Website

Use a third party website like RailEurope of GoEuro. We really like the GoEuro site, especially how it compares bus, train and airfare options.


The train from Copenhagen to Malmo Train generally departs every 20 minutes in both directions. So generally speaking there is no need to check the timetable. If you wish you can check train times on the DSB website.

Copenhagen to Malmo Train

Google Maps version of the train we caught

Where to Catch the Malmo Train

You have 4 options to get on the DSB train to Malmo

  1. Copenhagen Central Station (København H)
  2. Orestad
  3. Tarnby
  4. Kastrup Lufthavn (Copenhagen Airport)

Passport Checks

You will need to bring your passport for the border authority ID inspections. This happens whilst the train is travelling, the Border Authorities will work through the train doing a quick passport check whilst you remain seated.

Why Not Travel on to Lund?

Copenhagen to Malmo Train

Getting off the Copenhagen Train at Lund

A great alternative is to travel to the next town, Lund. Lund is a university town, much smaller than Malmo. It has a charming, medieval feel about it, with lots of historical buildings to admire.

We found Lund to be a more beautiful and interesting place to visit than Malmo. In fact, we first travelled to Lund, spent about half a day there, and then stopped at Malmo for about 2 hours on the way back to Copenhagen.

If you do go to Lund, make your first stop the Lund Tourist Centre  at Botulfsgatan 1A (Stortorget) in central Lund. They can give you a free walking tour map, in which you can set off on your very own self-guided 2-3 hour walking tour of the major attractions.

Tourist Attractions in Malmo

And here is a short video showing some of the attractions of Malmo

There is lots to see in both Malmo and Lund, and it makes for an awesome day trip from Copenhagen. Now that you know how easy it is to catch the train, what are you waiting for?

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