Our Whale Watching trip aboard the Condor Express in Santa Barbara was sensational! We travelled out into the Santa Barbara Channel about this modern high speed craft. On board we encountered a hungry Humpack Whale feeding on a school of herring. There were many Dolphins, Sea-Lions and Pelicans joining in on the feeding frenzy also.

Where to Start Your Whale Watching Trip

Santa Barbara Channel is the place to start your very own Whale Watching adventure. Head on over to the Condor Express website and book your very own trip. In addition to this you can read the daily Captain’s Blog. On the blog you see what sort of whale sighting they encountered the previous day. You will also get to see what the conditions are like, however it is quite a sheltered part of the coast thanks to the Channel Islands just off shore.

All Aboard on the Condor Express

Firstly we checked the Condor Express website and found that there were plenty of Blue Whales in the area on the day we went Whale Watching. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see the biggest animals on the planet, up close in the wild! This is an opportunity not to be missed, and we were had our tickets booked for the very next day directly from the Condor Express website. It was that easy!

From there we steamed over the the Channel Islands, where we got up close to a Sea Lion colony in their natural environment. Then after spending some time exploring these islands we began the trip home across the channel. We encountered a Mako Shark finning the surface, a large pod of dolphins and a glorious replica Spanish galleon under sail.

The Condor Express Whale Watching Boat

The Condor Express Whale Watching Boat

Memorable Travel Adventure

Overall this was a memorable family travel adventure under glorious May conditions in Southern California. In fact we thoroughly recommend the Condor Express for your next Whale Watching adventure.

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Santa Barbara is a stunning coastal destination just 2 hours north of Los Angeles. Join us as we check out the Whale Watching just off the coast of Santa Barbara.