So you want to record a vlog but can’t decide which camera to use? I have done a side-by-side comparison of 3 popular vlogging cameras – iPhone X, DJI Osmo+ and GoPro HERO5 Black to determine which is the best vlogging camera. The results may surprise you….

First, check out my short video showing the comparisons between these three amazing video cameras.

What is a VLOG?

A VLOG is a video blog, or a blog with a video attached. Generally you would make one of the following 3 types of vlogs:

  1. Action – Videoing some sort of action going on, like a holiday activity.
  2. How To – Documenting how to do something specific, like how to use a camera.
  3. Talking Head – Videoing yourself talking about a topic.

Equipment Required for a Blog


A camera is the one item you cannot do without when creating a vlog. Thankfully the iPhone X has 2 great video cameras built in.


Whilst the iPhone X internal microphone is sufficient for recording reasonable vlogs, if you’re serious about making quality vlogs you need to invest in an external microphone. This will take you to professional quality in one swift move, it’s just a matter of connecting this bad-boy to the iPhone X.

The best external microphones currently on the market for the iPhone X are the Zoom IQ6 and Zoom IQ7, which plug right into the lightning port of the iPhone X.


Video Cameras normally come with inbuilt stabilisation features, and the iPhone X is no exception. The iPhone X stabilisation is awesome compared to previous iPhones and is awesome enough to produce great quality vlogs.

Still the iPhone X stabilisation is far from perfect. And that is where your editing software comes in. Professional software like iMovie and Final Cut Pro X have amazing stabilisation capabilities, which can transform iPhone X video into perfectly stable video. The downside is that the software generally zooms in to enable proper stabilisation, so you lose some video around the edges of the frame.

If you want to take it to the next level and produce truly professional video then you can’t go wrong with hand-held gimbal stabilisation. The best on the market for the iPhone X is the DJI Osmo Mobile.  This will help you achieve sensationally smooth cinematic style video.

The downside is that iPhone X has no 3.5mm microphone jack, thus if using a gimbal like the DJI Osmo Mobile you will not be able to use an awesome external microphone like the Zoom IQ6 or Zoom IQ7.

Video editing software

This is required to make your raw video nice enough to present on YouTube. Generally I recommend iMovie, which is free with your iPhone / iMac and can do all the basic functions to produce a quality vlog.

If you want to invest some serious money into your vlogging and get the full professional video editing software, you can’t go past Final Cut Pro X. This is the software I use, and there is literally nothing you can’t do.

iPhone X Video Results

Color Grading

The color is sensational on the iPhone X. It really pops and jumps out at you. It is far superior to the GoPro Hero 5 Black in artificial lighting, and comparable to the DJI Osmo+.

Good for Indoor Conditions

The iPhone X shoots superbly in artificial lighting, as can be seen in the foyer of the Conrad Hotel. Previous iPhones performed fairly poorly in dimly lit conditions, however there has been a stellar jump in quality with the iPhone X.

Image Stabilisation

Once again the image stabilisation is vastly improved over previous iPhones, however it is still little jittery. Especially when  compared to gimbal stabilised cameras such as the DJI Osmo+. The iPhone X performs well in panning at 30 fps.

Back Lighting

The iPhone X does struggle with strong lighting behind the subject, as does most cameras. You end up with over exposed background, however it does a great job with applying correct compensated exposure to the ‘talking head’ in the foreground.

Comparing iPhone X / DJI Osmo+ / GoPro HERO5 Black

The Go-Pro is my least preferred camera for vlogging. The color grading is very washed out in low light conditions, and requires high levels of saturation in the video editing software. Also the sound is terrible through the GoPro HERO5 Black internal microphones. Note that the HERO5 has much worse audio quality than HERO4 due to the change to waterproof microphones. Also it is not easy to adapt external microphones to the GoPro HERO5 Black to correct the sound.

The DJI Osmo+ is awesome. This is a high-end (albeit still relatively cheap) 4K video camera. It has an external microphone supplied with the camera which produces excellent professional quality audio. This DJI Osmo+ is hard to rival, it’s the best video camera I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The iPhone X is overall far superior to the GoPro in both video and audio quality. The iPhone X comes close to the DJI Osmo+, however the DJI camera is still slightly better quality. I believe it is possible to make the iPhone X as good if not better quality than the DJI Osmo+ with the addition of hand-held gimbal stabilisation and external microphone, for the camera itself is just as good if not better than the DJI Osmo+.

11 Reasons Why iPhone X is the Best Vlogging Camera

1: Easy Access 24/7

You have your iPhone X in your pocket or next to you 24/7 right?

2. Fast Set-up Time

You can quickly whip out your iPhone X and begin filming professional video in the blink of an eye. Other cameras like the DJI Osmo+ and the FeiyuTech G5 require some set up time to make them operational.

3. No Additional Equipment

You can shoot with no additional equipment. You don’t absolutely need a gimbal or external microphone, you’ll do just fine with a naked iPhone X.

4. Easy Upgrade to Pro Audio Quality

You can easily do a minor upgrade to enhance the sound. Adding a Zoom IQ6 or Zoom IQ7 external microphone will give you pro audio quality.

5, Easy Upgrade to Pro Video Quality

You can upgrade to enhance stabilisation simply by adding a DJI Mobile. In an instant you will have pro image stabilisation.

6. Sensational Color

The video camera is sensational in the iPhone X, much better than most of its rivals . The colors really pop and easily compete with other popular video cameras.

7. Easy IOS Settings

The IOS settings are so easy to figure out. Forget complicated menus and settings, you have one single menu which is child’s play to figure out.

iPhone X best vlogging camera

iPhone X camera menus

8. Phenomenal Slo-Mo

You can slow down 4k with 60 fps to produce stunning slo-mo video. Or you can use 1080p resolution at an incredible 240 fps!

9. Efficient File Storage Using the New HEVC Format

The file sizes are drastically reduced using the new High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) file format. This will save you a ton of space on your hard drive.

10. Great Optical Zoom

GoPros and older iPhones are so frustrating in that they don’t have optical zoom. Problem solved with the iPhone X. Just tap the screen and you instantly get 2 x Optical Zoom.

11. Phenomenal Specifications:

Check these specs out from the Apple website

Need More Convincing?

Check out this awesome footage shot on the iPhone X.

So there you have it. iPhone X truly is the best vlogging camera.