Luxembourg City is a perfect place for a self-guided walking tour.  On this walk were discover the “Wenzel Walk” which takes in some breathtaking views over the World Heritage Luxembourg Fortress. Also we look inside the Bock Casemates, a literal rabbit warren of fortifications built into the terrain at side of the Alzette River.

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This UNESCO World Heritage area truly is an eye-popping place to visit, and as an added bonus it can be seen as a free self-guided tour.

There is so much to see in this area that it has been divided into 2 videos. Part 1 covers the Bock Casemates and the Bock Promenade. Then, crossing the Alzette River, Part 2 covers the fortifications on the opposite side of the river, and a walk along the Alzette and Petrusse Valleys.

World Heritage in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City was one of the most fortified cities on earth, from the 16th century up until 1867. What remains today is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the City of Luxembourg – It’s Old Quarters and Fortifications. This area was known as “The Gibraltar of the North”, and is an astounding area to visit even to this day.

Where to Find More Information?

There is an outstanding map produced in a leaflet format, which we found in our wonderful hotel the Hotel Central Molitor. This map is really easy to follow, but quite strenuous due to the amount of stairs and steep hills.

Alternatively you can download the PDF of the map HERE.

Finally you can go to the Luxembourg City Tourist Office at place Guillaume II. There you can pick up a leaflet map, and it’s also a great starting point for this walk.

What Attractions Can You See?

Here are the main attractions which we cover in this VLOG:

First start at he “Old Town” and then walk to the nearby Bock Casemates. You can see the Alzette River Valley from here in a spectacular panorama.

Then start walking down into the Alzette River Valley, and accross the Castle Bridge. Next you will pass the Grund Gate and the Second Gate of Trier, on your way up to Wenzel Wall. Near the Second Gate of Trier is the Moat near Wenzel Wall. 

Then as you walk up the other side of the valley you will see Jacob Tower, the “Old Gate of Trier” and more of Wenzel Wall. Finally as you descend back down into the valley you will pass Krudelspuert and Neumünster Abbey.

This entire area is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, formally listed as City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications. Naturally it is a protected area.

Prefer to Take a Guided Tour?

Want to try a guided tour through Luxembourg City, leaving from Brussels? Click HERE for more details.

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