In Day 14 of our epic family travel adventure we travel from Vienna to Prague. Our chosen transport for our trip was aboard a bus – on the RegioJet bus lines. This turned out the be a cheaper and easier option than train or plane. The bus station was only about 7 minutes walk from our hotel which was very convenient, considering we were travelling fairly light. Finding the right bus and boarding our bus turned out to be very easy.

The journey

The bus was not as comfortable as we had hoped. The seats were fairly cramped and not altogether comfortable. There weren’t any stretch breaks along the way, or toilet stops. The bus was 100% full for the entire journey. It really was a “cattle class” bus trip. This wasn’t really a problem, especially since the total cost for the 4.5 hour journey was only 45 Euros for the three of us!

I guess our hopes were a bit high, since our previous bus-trip was from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. It was like flying in first class, and luxurious all the way. You can read about that trip here.

Arrival in Prague

When we arrived in Prague we had about a 10 minute walk to our new home. Once again it was quite uneventful, and it was great to see the buildings of Prague at long last. Checking into the hotel, it was time to do some laundry at the local laundromat.

I had researched 3 laundromats on Google Maps. The first one was a dud, it was a dry cleaner place which wanted to charge $3 per tee-shirt. I instead made a half hour walk to a regular laundromat and managed to wash and dry a load of washing for about $15 in total. It was a lovely walk, especially as on the twilight walk back to the hotel I had a great view of Prague Castle. This is the largest castle in the world! World Heritage listed, it was built in the 8th century. We are really looking forward to touring this amazing site, but for now it was good just to get a view of it.

Time to rest up for some exploring tomorrow of the amazing city of Prague. Like Vienna, the entire city centre is listed as a World Heritage site. Can’t wait to explore it!

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